Concrete Tabletop Fire Pit Bowl - Table Top Portable Rubbing Alcohol Fireplace Indoor Outdoor Decor Long Time Burning Smokeless Odorless Two Stainless Steel Burners & Stylish Extinguisher Included


: 2021/9/18

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🔥PREMIUM DESIGN: This Fireplace is made of concrete, and the smooth stone texture is suitable for any scene, allowing you to decorate your home even when not in use. Comes with a base to help the stove dissipate heat while in use, protecting your table and any surface.Each fire pit is handcrafted. You will receive a unique tabletop fireplace, shading of concrete can vary slightly. 🔥DURABLE: This tabletop fireplace is made of high-quality concrete, a natural and safe material, with specially thickened bowl walls. Smokeless, odorless, safe and durable when used. There are also two stainless steel burner cups to ensure no fuel leaks and reduce heat dissipation. The flame-retardant cotton attached to the package can gather the flame to make the flame more stable and safe when burning, and it can also prevent the alcohol from volatilizing and prolong the burning time. 🔥Long burning time: The fuel in the fire bowl only needs to use isopropyl alcohol, rubbing alcohol or bioethanol, 100% safe. Cook S'mores indoors or out, with each burn lasting more than 60 minutes, depending on temperature, climate, amount of fuel used and the addition of flame retardant cotton. 🔥Quick Fire Extinguishing: If you need to put out a fireplace fire, you can suffocate the combustion chamber with the flat fire extinguisher tool included in the box and do it in seconds for a safe and quick extinguishing. 🔥PORTABLE & STYLISH: This table top fireplace is lightweight and easy to transport for indoor or outdoor use. You can use it to cook S'mores or place it in the center of your desk, living room side table, main dining table for a warm and cozy atmosphere, and it's also perfect for camping and parties.It is also the perfect decoration or gift for yourself or your friends on Valentine's Day and birthdays.


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Table Top Fire Pit

Table Top Fire Pit

Table Top Fire Pit

Fuel it

Pour in 70%, 91% or higher isopropyl alcohol, not too full, 1 inch from the top.


1. Do not add alcohol when there is an open flame or before cooling.

2. Clean up excess alcohol or spills from the walls of the bowl before lighting the fireplace to prevent flare-ups.

Light it

Use a long-handled lighter or matches to light the fire pit.


1. Be careful when lighting, as the flame of the stove will be larger than the flame of the candle.

2. Alcohols of different compositions may contain combustion impurities. It is recommended to observe whether black smoke is produced when burning.


The flames will last more than 60 minutes. Sit back and start S'mores toasting marshmallows or just enjoy a cozy warm flame.


Never refill and move the stove while it is burning or still hot.

tabletop fire pit

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